News from the Griffiss Business and Technology Park

New Griffiss Road Opens

A new connector road between Route 365 and Perimeter Road at Griffiss Business and Technology Park will open Wednesday, according to Mohawk Valley EDGE.

The new entrance to the park from Route 365 involves approximately 1 mile of new road, and creates a connection from the waste transfer station entrance to Perimeter Road on the southeast portion of Griffiss. The access road connecting to Rickmeyer Road will be closed, according to the EDGE statement.

Motorists approaching Griffiss park from the northeast, such as from Floyd or Holland Patent, should follow Route 365 to the new Perimeter Road entrance, said EDGE.

Signage indicating the road change will be put in place today and Wednesday before the road opens, said Frank Sanzone, operations manager for Griffiss Local Development Corp. In addition, temporary blockades will be placed at the existing road that is to be abandoned, and guard rails could be in place as early as next week, he said. The new road has been paved with a base, and the final layer will be applied next spring, Sanzone added.

The new road is intended to relieve some residents’ concerns regarding increased vehicle traffic cutting through neigborhood streets to gain access to Griffiss using the Rickmeyer Road entrance, EDGE has said previously.

Ulster Paving Company of Clockville was contracted in July for the project, which totaled about $1.15 million according to prior statements. It was partially funded via state Department of Transportation assistance, coupled with money earmarked by Griffiss Local Development Corp. from its capital budget.

More information can be found at: Rome Sentinel